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Fariel Shafee

"My hook into poetry and its wider implications was when I discovered a copy of Allen Ginsberg's Howl in the basement bookshop of the SPCK (that's the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge). No idea what it was doing there but it cetainly revolutionized what I did. Turned me to Kerouac and Henry Miller and then Miller's long lists of books I should read and then the whole Beat Generation thing leading on to Concrete poetry and the Liverpool Poets in the UK. "

— Peter Finch

"Giving Trees"

Greg Couch

New Work By:

Sascha Akhtar, William Allegrezza, Mark Allinson, Arlene Ang, Brooke Bailey, Michelle Macaraeg Bautista, Greg Beatty, Brent Bechtel, John M. Bennett, John Borneman, Janice M. Bostok, Terry Brix, Kevin Brown, Ric Carfagna, Aryeh Cohen-Wade, Greg Couch, Adriana DiGennaro, John Dockall, Monica Fauble, Anthony Fedanzo, Peter Finch, Jennifer Firestone, Charles Fishman, S. P. Flannery, Vernon Frazer, Tom Hibbard, Timothy M. Green, Josepha Gutelius, Jennifer Jerome, Amy King, Loren Kleinman, Richard Kostelanetz


Donna Kuhn

New Work By:

Donna Kuhn, Dorothee Lang, David Lawrence, Joey Madia, Bob Marcacci, Justin Marks, Corey Mesler, Stephen Paul Miller, Seema Mukhi, Graham Nunn, Maurice Oliver, Eric Pape, Gilbert Wesley Purdy, James Quinton, Tom Reynolds, Denis Robillard, Christina Rozelle, Gavin Salisbury, Barry Schwabsky, Fariel Shafee, Brandon Shimoda, Todd Swift, Eileen Tabios, Doug Tanoury, Dean Terry, Madeline Tiger, Steven Timm, John J. Trause, Bill Trudo, Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar, Nico Vassilakis, Erik Vatne, John Vieira, Astrea Williams


Janice M. Bostok

"Poetry is a formalization of the linguistic activity in which everyone is involved all the time, and ideally it should be available to all who feel a need to express themselves in that manner so as to reflect on their imaginative engagement with life. Perhaps that isn't very clear, but if you think of Heidegger's famous dictum, "Man dwells poetically," that indicates that poetry is not primarily a specialized activity, but fundamental to our being at home (or failing to be at home) in the world."

— Barry Schwabsky

"Construct. (my metaphysics
are better than yours)"

Dean Terry

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